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Our Team

Executive Board

Chris Farley, Executive Director and Joe Farley, my biggest supporter.

I am living proof, that with hard work and faith life can be amazing after living with abuse and addiction.

After many years of struggles with addiction and abuse, I divorced my 1st husband John. He died a year and a half later at age 46. It would be another 10 years of being single before I even attempted to date, but I never found the right connection. I remained single for a total of 15 years before I would meet the love of my life, Joe. He was so worth the wait. We married in April of 2018

With Joe’s unconditional love, encouragement and support, I have been able to retire from my 22 year IT career. Retirement has freed me to work on Angel’s Wing full time. I could not be doing this work without him. We are so incredibly blessed to be doing our Lord’s work. Thank you Joe, I am truly blessed to share my life with you.

Suzi Rietz Interim President

Suzi Joined Angel’s Wing in October, filling in as the Interim President. Wow! What a blessings Suzi has been for since her first day. We are growing with leaps and bounds thanks to her knowledge, ambition and commitment to our mission. Thank you Suzi, you are greatly appreciated.

Erin Wall Secretary

Erin is my youngest daughter and single mother of 2, quite honestly she has been my prototype for Angel’s Wing. I always knew she would one day be a part of Angel’s Wing. I just never expected it now! She will be learning the process of grant writing for us as well as helping grow our mission. Welcome Erin we are so blessed to have your knowledge, your strength and positive energy to help us reach our goals.

The Advisory Board

Trent and Colleen Indreland

Trent and Colleen have been supporting my vision since it’s first conception and through all its various changes along the way. Trent is the voice of reason and Colleen demonstrates unconditional love and faith in my abilities. They are true blessings and we are so thankful for their dedication to this mission. Thank you Trent and Colleen.

Karen Wilks

Karen and I go way back. We met when our husbands were undergoing treatment at Rimrock Foundation many years ago. We have followed the Al-Anon path together and have been each other’s support system since we met. Karen’s support has been God sent. She is my sounding board when hashing out new ideas and is very much a part of the Angel’s Wing mission. Thank you Karen.

Scott Atwood, Architect

When Mary said we needed an Architect, I had no idea where to even start, but the Lord did. The very next day, I was visiting with friends about Angel’s Wing, and his name was given to me, without asking. When Scott agreed to take on our project pro bono, we were astounded, another example of the Lord’s blessings. Scott has drawn up all our plans and made many requested changes. He reached out to an engineer to get realistic figures for our site. Thank you Scott for your amazing work and your support and belief in the work we are doing. We could not have accomplished all of this without you. You are a true Godsend.

Cinda Kraus

Cinda has been interested in the Angel’s Wing mission from the beginning, always checking on our progress and asking about our processes. When we started to expand our mission she was the first person we thought of. Thankfully, she wanted to work with us. We look forward to a long and rewarding journey with her. Thank you, Cinda.

Meagan Colter

Meagan is also my daughter! Meagan has join our board as well! Again, I never imagined she would be able to join us now! She has her own business, working with people to help create a better financial future. She will be helping our families learn how to handle their finances and helping our mission grow. Welcome Meagan, we are so blessed to have you, your knowledge, creativity and positive energy to grow our mission.

Supporting Roles

Mary Hernandez, Consultant

Mary has been our very own gift from God right from day 1 when I showed her my idea. She has guided and supported us every step of the way. We never could have gotten far without her expertise, caring support and encouragement. Her belief in our abilities to do this work truly is as amazing as she is. Thank you Mary, you are a true blessing not only to the Angel’s Wing mission, but to the entire team as well.

I am lost for words on how incredibly blessed we are with new wonderful, positive energy, insights and genuine caring of each individual. You are all so amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Chris