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Angel’s Wing Families


To be clear, this program is not intended for the families that are in a crisis, emergent safety situation. There are other programs to help with the immediate, safe place to go situations. Recommended programs are the YWCA Gateway house and MRMWomen’s Shelter.

The overall community need is very great. Sadly, even as we are building this program, we are getting requests from immediate need families. Our hearts and prayers go out to these families on their journey.

Our Focus

This program is for single working moms with little to no financial or emotional support. She is fighting the battle to make the world a better place for her children. She falls thru the cracks and needs the help of other available programs, but doesn’t qualify. She still needs the help and support.

We will be working with individual families for approximately 2 years, focusing on their family’s strengths and challenges, encouraging and empowering them with new tools to better their future. We feel that providing a quality, hands on approach for each family to make ongoing life changes a reality is the best strategy.

Families coming to Angel’s Wing will undergo an interview process to ensure they are truly ready to make the 2 year commitment to do the hard work to take their lives in a better direction.


An Angel’s Wing Mom will:

  • Have come from an addictive and or abusive relationship.
  • Be ready and willing to do the hard work necessary to make life better for herself and her children.
  • Be ready to take responsibility for her own life decisions and choices.
  • Be ready to stop the cycle of addiction and abuse.
  • Be open and willing to listen to a different perspective.
  • Be ready to do the homework, classes, and grow from the materials presented.
  • Have a job and a means to get to that job with consistency and reliability.
  • Be willing to commit to the 2 year community way of living, and committed to being single for those 2 years to focus on her own and her children’s growth.
  • Agree to a background check. If approved for the program she will also need a credit check so we can help rebuild her credit. (We don’t expect it to be pretty, just need a place to start.)
  • Be respectful to all of the Angel’s Wing animals, people and property.

Angel’s Wing Children:

  • Will also have been in an addictive and or abusive relationship with their family.
  • Will be required to do their part in the community as well. They will need to help with chores.
  • Will learn the rules and respect all the animals, people and property while keeping up with their school work, if any, while they are in the Angel’s Wing program.

Some Disqualifications

In an effort to keep everyone in a safe, healthy environment at Angel’s Wing there are some things taken into consideration.

  • Felons deemed dangerous will not be admitted into the Angel’s Wing program.
  • Anyone deemed dangerous while in the program will be required to leave.

Once our families graduate, we have no doubt they will be sharing what they have learned with others. This will create a ripple effect, reaching even more families.