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The Village

Angel’s Wing Village will be a community way of living. Families will learn to work and live in peace and harmony.

Our families will stay with us approximately 2 years while being employed in the community as they continue to learn and grow new life skills.

After graduation, a network of extended family that was cultivated in the program will give them the support they need as they continue into the next chapter of their lives.

Healing of the spirit and the finances takes time… It didn’t happen over night. It’s not going to heal over night.

The Community Center

The Community Center will be a place to gather for classes, events, holidays and meetings with the staff as well as a safe place for the kids to play.

The Grounds will be completed in Phases as the funds are available.

Angel’s Wing Village will be Phases 2-4

Phase 2: The Village becomes a reality!

We will acquire the land, build the infrastructure, construct 4 cottages, and build the Community Center.

Staff will be added and 4 new families will come into the program.

The Community Center will be usable but not entirely finished in this phase.

Phase 3: The Village Grows!

We will build 5 more cottages, a barn, and complete the Community Center.

Additional staff will be added and 5 more families will be accepted into the program for a total of 9 families.

Phase 4: More Growth!

The final 5 cottages will be built and the program fully staffed.

Angel’s Wing will serve 14 families at a time for generations to come.

The Cottages:

Each Family will have their own living spaces. Their Cottage will be simply furnished. Our families will be required to keep them neat and be respectful of these homes as part of their program.