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Volunteer Opportunities

Fund Raising

We need like minded people to help us raise funds. These funds will help families rise out of their current situations, and grow strong and confident. Showing the children life doesn’t have to be full of violence, addiction and scary. It can have kindness, compassion, and be abundant in love and peace.

Face Book

We need someone to work on our Facebook page. We need 2 posts a week for a year on relevant subjects with links to area events. All will need to be filtered through the Board of Directors, before being released.


Once we have our first family, we will be looking for like minded professionals that have time to share. We have a good solid foundation of the basics. Our programs will take our families a long way. However… some of our families will need more help.

If you are interested, please email us at expectmiracles56@gmail.com with your contact information. We will set up a time to visit. Thank you.